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Get to Know Your Artist:

Committed to Amplifying your Beauty..SKIN is my favorite specialty and I am here to understand yours. My name is Sierra Chapelle, I am a Black and Queer friendly business owner located in Portland, OR and willing to travel internationally. I started working professionally as a makeup artist over 6 years ago and throughout the years had the opportunity to hold several other titles that shaped me into the entrepreneur I am now. I studied at Portland State University, and received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2018, while also following a creative path with make up to get me through college. After college, I dove right into my careers, and started working in the non-profit world (NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness and shortly after at Urban League of Portland) while still working as a freelance makeup artist.  Throughout this time, I spent a significant amount of time practicing makeup on myself and others around me, and completed several personal projects that made my passion continue to grow more. I eventually expanded the idea to intertwining my admiration for artistic creativity and social service by implementing into my business motto. I began my beauty school journey in 2019 and studied at Phagans Cosmetology School where I received my Esthetician license & LLC in February 2020. After graduation, I moved right into renting a solo space in a Portland Salon which was open for at least 1.5 months before I had to close down indefinitely due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. These unfortunate events did not stop me from further pursing my dream career goals and instead encouraged me to work harder and venture off more into stylist, natural hair care, more creative SFX makeup and commercial work. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to achieve a well-rounded amount of experience in the beauty and social service industries because it has helped prepare me to showcase my art and interact with all spectrum's of people. My goal as an artist is to Amplify and enhance each person I work with natural beauty and help create a space where my intentions are not to alter people beyond their comfort level. My specific artistry is to be creative but focus on the naturalness rather than creating a mask.  that being said, I look forward to getting to know and work with all; no matter skin complexion, skin texture, age or gender identity. Come Get Amplified with me!

“a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Experience Runway: Raw Artists (2018), Bloom Runway (2018, 2019), FashionNxt Fall (2022) Brands: Nike (wardrobe & hair + makeup), Air Jordan, Adidas (wardrobe & hair + makeup), Reebok Pyer Moss launch, Adidas x MLS (Major League Soccer), Cardi B x Reebok Collection (2022), Pharrell x Human Race Launch, Adidas x Kris A Smalls (Pride 2022 Collection), Columbia Sportswear  (product styling, hmua), Viev Brand Launch Portland Fashion Institute (2021, 2022), Unless Clothing Brand Launch (2021), Slumberkins Commercial (2022), Perspective Exhibit at Portland Art Museum (2022), Regence Commercial (2022), Deloitte Commercial, WMNS NTF Interviews, Thirsty Thirsty Short Film Production Crews: Vadela DEI Film, Happy Lucky, No Problemos, Revery, HELO, Harbor x Division Street, MBS -Must Be Something, HIVE, BAM, Roundhouse & more Celebrities/CEO’s: Kay Toran (Volunteer of America CEO), CJ Mccolum (Pro Basketball Player), Crystal Dunn (Pro Soccer Player), Sanya Richards-Ross (RHOA & Track star) Marcus Rashford (Pro Soccer Player), Nigel Sylvester (Pro BMX Athlete), Rose Lavelle (Pro Soccer Player), LEIKELI47 (artist, rapper), Nitty Scott (Rapper), Bree Kish (Influencer, Actress) 

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